Long-term success is based on values … and on attitude.

Entrepreneurial success does not come about by chance. It is based on a corporate culture that promotes partnership and dialogue, offers transparency and rewards performance, and combines communication and action with respect and appreciation.
More than 10 years ago, we set out with the vision of assuming responsibility in the shaping of the (work) world in which we live. We make working life easier for our clients, we streamline structures and create space for improvement and development. This aspiration also of course applies to our own company.
With our solutions, we are always one step ahead of the present: it is the positive shaping of the future to which we are committed every day.

Focus on people

In our work, the focus is on people both at our own company and at our clients. Because employees are the linchpin of a company's success. We are delighted that our employees enjoy working at our company. It is important to us that they share in the company's success in line with their performance, can flourish in the responsibility assigned to them and constantly develop further with us. If you are interested in a career at our company, click here to find out more.

  • We respect the individual. We treat other people – whether colleagues or clients – without prejudice and with respect, and we appreciate them as valuable members of society.
  • We act with integrity and in a responsible manner. Our actions are in compliance with the values of our company. We are aware of the responsibility of our work at all times. Internal customer know-how is treated as strictly confidential at our company.
  • We cooperate in a partner-like way and collaborate effectively. Team spirit and knowledge transfer are very important at our company.
  • We work in an innovative way and act in a transparent manner. We approach the core of a multi-layered task from various angles. As an external service provider, we take a detached perspective and possess the necessary tools to recommend various measures for problem solving. In the process, we are also prepared to leave well-trodden paths behind and engage in new ideas.
  • We are setting a good example through the active involvement of our employees in shaping our corporate philosophy and an ideas management that is lived, we are always in a process of development. We question the status quo and are always seeking the best strategies and solutions for a successful future.
  • We recognize the work of others with great respect and enjoy working with different people within a dedicated team.

ourpiece to protect the rain forest

This commitment goes far beyond our professional context: with ourpiece, our initiative for the preservation and renaturalisation of the rain forest, we are helping to protect endangered flora and fauna, and conserve the living space of indigenous peoples.